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    time:2019-10-21 09:29:01

    Experts believe that the development of steel structure in China is just in time. In recent years, China's steel output has been ranked the first in the world, reaching 157 million tons last year, which has exceeded the demand. The quality, varieties and specifications of steel products have also been greatly improved and enriched, providing a material basis for the development of steel residential buildings. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and other provinces and municipalities have begun to carry out pilot projects of steel structure residence, including Beijing Jinchen Apartment has been listed as a demonstration project of building steel structure system of Shao residence. Steel structure buildings are not uncommon, but steel structure residential buildings are rare. But by the end of this year, the first steel-bonded residential project in Beijing, Block B and Block C of Jinzhen Apartment, will unveil the mysterious cover. According to experts concerned, this kind of steel structure residence with many advantages such as health, environmental protection and earthquake resistance will become the development trend of our country's residence in the future. At present, steel structure buildings have been widely used in the world. Among 101 super high-rise buildings in the world, 59 are pure steel structures, and more than 60% of high-grade residences abroad have been adopted. Steel knot.

    Foreign experts believe that steel-bonded truss buildings can protect the environment and save energy. It is pointed out by a group of black horse insiders of real estate products in the 21st century that the advantages of steel structures are outstanding. Compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan, there is still six times room for improvement in the proportion of steel structures used in our country. It is expected that the composite growth rate of steel structure output in the next five years will exceed 15%. In the short term, the industry needs for new factories and bodies. Public buildings such as Yuguan and gejiyuan are not affected by the real estate regulation, and the real estate regulation makes the steel price stable, which may benefit the steel structure companies at the cost end. Compared with brick and concrete structures, steel structure buildings have obvious advantages, mainly in the following aspects: self-weight is lighter. The self-weight of high-rise reinforced concrete buildings is about 15-20 t/?, while that of high-rise steel structures is mostly below t/?, and the lowest is only 0.5-0.6 t/?. Self-weight can not only reduce the daily use of transportation and silk, but also reduce the cost of foundation. For buildings with more than 20 stories, the advantages of steel-bonded truss building are to save the occupied area of structure, increase the use area, increase the space utilization rate. Compared with Tongxing reinforced concrete structure, the steel structure of high-rise building can save 28% of the occupied area of structure. Thus, about 4% of the used area is easily reconstructed, recyclable and green ring. Protect.

    Steel structure construction has less pollution to the environment, and can also be recycled. Fourth, the seismic performance is superior. Because steel has certain toughness and superior seismic performance, steel beams and columns can be used as flexible frames to resist earthquakes of more than 8 degrees, so they are widely used in earthquake-prone countries such as Japan. Fifth, it is easy to install, short construction period, saving labor costs and quick investment recovery. Steel structure components are basically manufactured in factories. On-site installation of fasteners and bolts is usually required, and the construction period is relatively short. Generally, the construction period of light steel projects is 3 to 6 months, and that of large projects of Chongqing Iron and Steel Company is about 1 year. Only super-large projects with more than 100 million yuan will have a construction period of more than one year. Compared with reinforced concrete structures, the construction period of steel structures with 30-50 stories can be shortened by about 8-12 months. Short construction period guarantees faster recovery of owner's investment; factory production of components saves labor costs, making steel structure buildings widely used in Europe, America and Japan with high labor costs.

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