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    No. 2 Crystal [6] Stone Project (Fig. 5), a tripod of two halls, with different shapes, uniform style and unique shape. The facade is made of glazed roof with PC board, which is glittering and sparkling, just like a group of giant crystal stones, together with artificial lakes, and surrounding mountains such as Shenxianling and Tongguling, which coordinate the whole - "human landscape, mountains, waters and lights" night scene. The transparent skin shows the strength of folding board structure, the combination of beauty and strength, and symbolizes the spirit of sports. Single-layer transparent material is used for the protection of the symbolic stadium in Shenzhen, a beautiful and vigorous seaside city. The gymnasium is lined with sandwich composite aluminium plate, and the swimming pool is made of sandwich transparent material. The function is well combined with elevation and natural ventilation and lighting, which conforms to the concept of ventilation, energy saving and green environmental protection. No. 2 is better than Bird's Nest [13]. "Professor Qian Feng's Silver Basket Scheme (Fig. 6), a banded distribution of two halls, using double-layer aluminium alloy texture facade, silver glitter [13], full of modern vitality.


    The double-layer aluminium alloy roof of the stadium is supplemented with light-transmitting film, and the facade epidermis is woven with staggered seams to form a natural ventilation environment, and the indoor soft light and shadow with sunshade function suitable for tournaments. The texture facade of the weaving hairpin is of strong visual impact and strong external force. It embodies the spirit of sports [11]43. The colour ribbon of the unsuccessful scheme [7]. The giant colour Festival serves as the roof of the building and corridor. It connects the two halls into a whole colour ribbon, which is magnificent, light and elegant [5]. Only the exaggeration of the scope and scale of the ribbon has occurred in the scheme 3 of the ribbon scheme No. 71 [fig. 8], where the venue and the pavilion stand side by side. The stadium is a unique and changing twist arch [13] "cable net building shape, which injects eternal impression and vitality into the city. The stadium is the chrysanthemum shell of the morning. The roof of the swimming pool is a lightweight building with undulating waves. The eaves of the poting stretch are meticulous and vivid. It is pure, round and full of stadiums, gymnasiums, training halls (outside the task book), swimming pools, and strip distribution. They are combined with the sports commercial street as a leisure and stretching body, just like quiet eaves embedded in the beach. All the shells in it enjoy the gentle touch of the clear sea water which surpasses the waves.

    Shell Stadium in the sand beach, inclined circular curve, white roof and lower body in sharp contrast, in the inclined instability to find perfect mechanical stability, full of strength and dynamic feeling, different angles, different feelings [8] Shell Fang Ai No. 94 program [10], the triangular distribution of the two venues. Stadiums such as aircraft carriers, gymnasiums such as spaceships, swimming pool roofs combined with shape and outdoor pool rainwater collection system, constitute a high-tech complex. The cable-supported roofs arranged on the long axis of the extension ellipse are warped at both ends, just like the eaves of ancient Chinese buildings, which is in sharp contrast to the love of the surrounding rolling mountains. Under the eaves of the long roof, the huge pillar corridor rises 30 degrees, just like open arms facing the city, symbolizing the upward spirit of sports [9]. Only the planning bureau is relatively large, and the Deputy stadium is not north of the stadium, which is contrary to the "Dream" scheme of Sports Technology [12] Fig. 105). The two stadiums are zonally distributed, and the double-skin external shading facade is uniformly adopted, conveying introverted feelings with the interpretation of Chinese classical aesthetics, showing Shenzhen to the world in the morning, and assuming the heavy responsibility of the main venue of the 2011 Universiade.

    Perforated sunshade facade, eco-energy saving. The elevation of swimming pool is supplemented by a vivid and graceful image carrier of water ripple texture, which represents the exterior-interior system of elevation and function - [10]. In the night light, "Dreams are beautiful.

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