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    Kunming New Airport is located in Dabanbiao Town, Guandu District, Kunming City. The building area of the terminal building is about 548,300 square meters, and the building curtain wall area is about 150,000 square meters. The terminal building is mainly composed of front main building, front East and West finger corridors, central finger corridor, Far East and West Y-type finger corridor and boarding bridge. The biggest feature of the power wall project of Kunming New Airport Terminal Building is that the EwS-5 system with point glass power wall is integrated with the main color bismuth box girder structure, which is about 53 meters high in the South elevation. The mechanical relationship between the pre-tension force of cable and the deformation of steel ribbon is complex. The flexible single-layer cable-net structure with vertical sliding in mega-box steel structure is the first one in the industry at home and abroad. Single-cable-knotted glazed panels are embedded in the golden corrugated steel structure and integrated into a skillfully synthetic gold-inlaid jade power wall (see 1.1, EWs-5.1 cable curtain wall profile South facade curtain wall length is about 324 meters, curtain wall height is 33 meters to 53 meters, vertical cables are pulled through the steel ribbon from the roof to the ground, each glazed pane is divided into 108 vertical cables, a total of 108. Among them, 68 were d30, 36 were 20 and 40 were 20.

    The diameter of the transverse rope is 40. There are nine layers. Each layer is divided into many segments at the ribbon. There are 121 transverse ropes. The middle_40 vertical and horizontal cables, the middle 36 vertical and horizontal cables on both sides and the middle 30 vertical cables on both ends (see figure 2). Tension design analysis of cable structure construction - box steel structures with different sizes of 700 x 2500X70 vertical steel ribbons. Considering that if the vertical cables are segmentally connected between the steel ribbons, the tension of the vertical cables is very tedious, and the tension force will bring local deformation to the main steel ribbon, which is very unfavorable to the main steel ribbon. The vertical cable should not only adapt to the deformation of the middle steel ribbon, but also transmit the horizontal wind load of the glass curtain wall to the steel ribbon, and prevent the wear and tear of the high-stress steel wire in the repeated vertical Wei movement, which requires a high design requirement for the joint structure. In order to achieve this function, the design idea of fixed wheel is adopted in deepening the design. The cable can slide vertically and transmit force horizontally. The friction force decreases greatly when sliding becomes rotation. This is the first application of fixed pulley in domestic curtain wall cable system (see Figure 3 and figure 4). Tension design analysis of cable structure construction - the method of rigid cable piercing steel color pedestal wide joint. The fixed bone wheel in the figure above is fixed in the hole reserved for the steel color knot. The vertical cable passes through the fixed pulley and can rotate freely up and down. Horizontal load can be transferred to the steel color belt and the fixed pulley. The friction coefficient is very small, which can effectively prevent the damage of the vertical cable.

    In order to prevent the damage of stainless steel vertical cables more effectively, the fixed pulley is made of materials with relatively small friction coefficient, so that the high prestressing force can not be protected even if there is wear and tear. In order to reset effectively after the movement, the pulley spring device is used (see figure 4). Considering the simplicity of design and construction in the steel box girder, the transverse cables are designed and constructed in segments, and steel ribs are set in the box body to reinforce the connection position of the box-shaped steel ribs. 1.2 The top of the vertical cable is articulated by the ear plate (see Fig. 5), the bottom is articulated by the ear plate (see Fig. 6), and the middle is connected by the wheel through the steel ribbon (only horizontal force is transmitted, vertical sliding is shown in Fig. 3). Each section of the transverse cable is articulated with the steel ribbon through the ear plate (see figure 7). The joints of the cables and the supports are shown below.

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