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    Bending process of steel

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    channel steel includes angle iron, round steel, steel, spring steel and other various shaped steels. When the channel is bent, the surface of the raw material is subjected to tensile stress, and the inner layer of the raw material is stressed. Therefore, under the effect of compressive ground stress, wrinkle deformation is easy to occur, and under the effect of pulling ground stress, it is prone to shrinkage and deformation.

    channel steel deformation deformation structure to determine the size and bending half of the bending stress. The greater the bending stress, the smaller the bending halfway, resulting in a greater level of roughness. In order to manipulate the bending stress and the structural deformation, the national industry standard GB50205--2001 requires a small bending half of a variety of channel bending.

    channel steel cold bending process technology has a rounding machine rolling, punching machine bending, in addition to top bending, bending processing. A variety of processing methods should be based on the cross-section of the aluminum profile, the material specification model and the bending of the semi-finished relative tire mold, after the trial bend meets the requirements to announce the production and processing.


    a, production and processing channel shaped bend, such process is usually carried out on a steel service platform, channel handmade backward bending process, labor efficiency Large, high quality and high efficiency, but easy to use, can be selected in the 36636x under the standard of large quantities or no professional equipment.  

    two, channel shaped bending machinery, machinery bent shaped channel, generally, may be bent by the bending roll bending roll, bending and bending back channel, etc. in the special type machine in conduct, can also carry out on a three-roll bending machine, press brake is on the press, the use of grinding tools with working pressure of the press several times to carry out bending, bending deformation caused by the channel, multi-channel bent back in special machine to carry out.

    Third, the channel structure should be in line with the provisions of the bending of abrasives like steel specification model diagrams and specifications, analysis should carry out pre-production machining production, processing, trial production and processing comply then carry out a large number of manufacturing, bending steel processing to ensure quality.  

    Fourth, channel bending machinery and equipment to ensure the reliability of special-purpose processing equipment, equipment failure found should be immediately repaired to ensure the smooth development of production and processing of bending, the operator should wear good together Safety protective equipment, according to the operating procedures to carry out the actual operation, resolutely put an end to fire accidents and other safety accidents.

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