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    Ten key points of steel structure processing and welding process

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    First, according to the characteristics of the steel prefabricated components and the smooth parts of the parts, the top-down or top-down assembly line is selected, which is suitable for the construction with stable stability and high aspect ratio.

    Second, steel prefabricated components production and processing lay flat assembly line for long and thin prefabricated components with small cross section but large length.

    III. Fetal film assembly line method: The components of the prefabricated components are accurately positioned on the assembly line of the prefabricated parts to produce high-precision and high-precision products of prefabricated components.

    Fourth, the whole process of fusion of metal materials by electric heat caused by welding wire and steel is called arc welding. Arc welding has the distinction of manual welding, automatic welding, automatic positioning welding and vapor maintenance welding.


    five, steel resistance welding process commonly used to weld current based on the two touch in touching the resistors are large, resulting in a high temperature according to the amount of current, so that a semi-molten material, the increase in Pressure and fusion. Usually used to butt welded spring steel or bump welded thick steel.

    VI. Electroslag welding: The amount of current is based on the heat of the resistor caused by the slag to melt the metal material for electric welding. For example, when the box-shaped column and the beam are just connected, the penetration welding of the stiffening plate at the upper, lower, left and right flanges of the connecting beam in the column is used.

    VII. Hand-made welding: All arc welding actually operated by manual service has low labor efficiency, low quality, low reliability, but flexible, suitable for short and complicated welding or construction site welding.

    VIII. Submerged arc automatic welding: When electric welding is performed, it is buried under the powdered flux, and the welding equipment is fully sprayed by the mechanical equipment and sent out to move the welding rod. Suitable for longer welding. Welding cost-effective, high efficiency.

    Nine, steam maintenance welding: maintenance of arc welding molten metal materials with CO2 or argon gas, the welding rod and steam body are sent out fully automatic, only need to hand-made medium mobile welding machine. It is an automatic tack welding, which is cost-effective and efficient.

    X. Pre-production of steel prefabricated components The last process before painting is shot blasting. The steel ball with the particle size of 0.8~2.0mm is sucked in by the centrifugal impeller management center of the projectile. Go out and shine on the surface of the steel frame structure that must be rust-proof. Exceeding the purpose of anti-rust treatment of mechanical equipment .. anti-rust treatment has high efficiency, low cost and less environmental pollution.

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