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    Steel structure fire treatment

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

        stainless steel sheet is the building decoration material that is not easy to ignite. It has the characteristics of seismic resistance and bending strength. In the specific application, the stainless steel sheet can not only improve the load working capacity of the building in , but also consider the necessity of architectural design and artistic design, and prevent the building materials such as concrete from being bent and stretched. Disadvantages, so stainless steel sheet has been favored by the construction industry, single-sided, double-layer, skyscraper, industrial plant, warehouse, waiting room, waiting room, etc. are widely used stainless steel sheet.

        However, stainless steel sheet as a building decoration material has some inevitable shortcomings in the fire safety level. Its physical properties, such as yield limit, compressive strength and elastic mold, are all due to temperature. Rise and plummet.   

        steel frame structure generally will lose the bearing capacity at 450 ~ 650 °C temperature, resulting in a large deformation, resulting in steel beam, steel column bending, the result can not be applied again due to excessive deformation, The normally maintained steel frame structure has a fire rating of 15 minutes or so. The length of this sliver is also related to the rate at which the prefabricated component exotherms.    makes the steel frame structure raw materials get rid of the fire safety level in the specific application, and it is necessary to carry out fire safety solution. The purpose is to raise the fire resistance level of the steel frame structure to the limit category required by the design standard. Avoid the rapid rise of the steel frame structure in the event of fire accidents, and the countermeasures are various. It is important to adopt different methods according to different conditions. For example, heat transfer and refractory insulation materials are used to isolate the flame and immediately burn the steel. The frame structure reduces the rate of heat transfer and delays the temperature of the steel frame structure and the time when the compressive strength is weakened. But no matter which way, the basic principle is the same. The fire safety measures for several different types of steel frame structures are described in detail below.  

        one, the outer insulation layer. That is to say, the outer insulating layer is added to the surface of the steel frame structure, and the cast-in-place plate can be formed, and the painting method can also be selected. The outer wire of the solid wire concrete formed by the cast-in-place plate is generally lifted by steel wire mesh or building steel bar to define the gathering gap and ensure the compressive strength of the casing. The painting method can wipe the sand pump on the surface of the steel frame structure at the construction site to produce the thickness of the protective layer. The sand pump can be lime powder concrete or plaster plaster, and can also be mixed with perlite or rock wool and glass magnesium. An outer insulating layer can also be made of perlite, rock wool, glass magnesium, plaster or rock wool, glass magnesium concrete, light concrete to make cement prefabricated panels. Adhesives, steel nails and anchor bolts are used to fix them. Steel frame structure.  

       Second, water injection (water jacket). Water injection in the hollow channel steel structure is the most reasonable safety protection against fire accidents. In this way, the steel frame structure can maintain a lower temperature in a fire accident, and the water circulates in the steel frame structure car, digesting and absorbing the heat generated by the raw material itself . When the hot water is cooled by water, it can be cycled at , or cold water can be introduced from the pipeline to replace the hot water.  

        III, shielded off. The steel frame structure is set in the wall or ceiling of the refractory insulation material, or the prefabricated component is wrapped in the gap between the two walls. If a small amount of refractory insulation material is raised or the lifting is not improved, the fire safety can be exceeded. It is a more economically sound way of fire safety.  

      Fourth, soaring raw materials. The steel structure fireproof architectural coating is used to maintain the prefabricated components. This type of method has the advantages of good fire safety and fire resistance, and the engineering construction is not limited by the geometric shape of the steel frame structure. Usually, no auxiliary equipment is needed, and the plating quality is light, and it is also necessary. Beautiful and elegant decorative design, belonging to the contemporary excellent fire safety technical countermeasures.   

        At this stage, the steel structure of high-rise residential buildings has gradually increased, especially in some high-rise buildings, the selection of steel frame structure raw materials is more common. If a multi-story building has a safety accident, the fire will not be extinguished in a short period of time. This stipulates that people should increase the fire safety maintenance of the building decoration materials during the planning and design of the building to improve their fire resistance and work in the project. The necessary countermeasures are developed within the building to reduce casualties and economic losses.

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