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    Inspection Code for Steel Structures

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-07 13:41:02

    2.2 Detailed drawings designers need to have a full understanding of the relevant joint forms of steel structures and design specifications, grasp the contents of connection calculation and construction requirements, and have a full understanding of the stress-specific joint forms of common structures, so that the designed connection forms and joint methods can meet the requirements. The calculation assumption of the design model meets the requirements of relevant specifications. In addition to changing the mechanical characteristics of the structure, unreasonable joint design may also cause stress concentration, excessive residual stress and residual deformation, which may cause great potential safety hazards to the structure. According to relevant statistics, accidents caused by unreasonable connections account for about 20% of accidents in steel structure engineering. In recent years, domestic steel structure companies have developed rapidly. From the point of view of scale, there are more small and medium-sized companies. The grasp of relevant design specifications and design requirements are not well understood, and the detailed design software STXT provides this aspect. Functions to assist in checking the stress of joints and the rationality of structure 1) Input the internal force of connection design, and automatically establish the connection input mode. It is suitable for the design drawing which only provides the layout drawing, the connecting internal force of the cross section and the end of the rod, and the connection design is carried out by the detailed drawing design.

    STXT program can select connection type, input connection design internal force, and select relevant control design parameters when input connection. The program automatically designs node connection and provides detailed node design calculation book. The interface is shown in Figure 6. 2) From the point of view of convenience of processing and installation, some similar nodes are often merged in the deep design stage to standardize the type of nodes. However, it is difficult for the detailed drawings designer to judge whether the modified connection can meet the design requirements. The checking function is provided in STXT software, which can automatically check the bearing capacity and rationalize the checking according to the user's interactive input of node connection parameters and design internal forces. Fig. 6. Cooperative operation of design internal force automatic design 2.3 Structural design and deepening design. Some large steel structure companies often have two departments of structural design and detailed design. At the same time, some design companies have begun to expand their business to the field of detailed design. If the knot design model can be used directly in the detailed design stage, it can not only save the repetitive modeling work, but also avoid the possible errors caused by the secondary modeling. It can also better communicate with the designers on various problems existing in the modeling and detailed processing.

    At present, the design software of PKPM is mainly used for assistant design. Steel structure detailed drawing design software STXT provides a seamless interface with the design software of PKPM, which can load the structure model and design internal force of PKPM. PMCAD or STS is used in the design modeling. When the design is completed by using three-dimensional analysis software SATWE, TAT or PMSAP, the detailed drawing design software can read the three-dimensional model directly, and read the design internal force of the three-dimensional analysis software, automatically complete the whole building node design, and provide a detailed calculation book application example 1: two-storey structure, one layer as a frame. Frame: Opening 10 *7.5m, depth 4 *8m; Second floor is two-span light portal frame: Opening 10 *7.5m, depth 2 *16m; Roof slope 1/10, as shown in Figure 7 - (A Example 2: Relay PKPM structure software model and analysis data detailed graphic design, gas cooler frame, user actual engineering, using PKPM steel structure STS modeling, SATWE analysis, as shown in Figure 7 - (b) Topic 3: High-rise frame structure, user's actual engineering, as shown in Table 1, the time comparison table between two-dimensional rendering and software application is shown in Figure 7 - (c). At the same time, STX software has been widely used in factory buildings, frames, exhibition halls and other beautiful structures.

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