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    Steel structure cable-stayed bar

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    time:2019-10-06 12:31:38

    3. After the simulation testing technology of steel components is completed, the geometric testing of components is carried out in the computer. The specific operation is as follows: 1) The three-dimensional theoretical model of component SC16-1 is taken out from the design three-dimensional model 2) The theoretical model and simulation component are placed in the same three-dimensional system, and the common datum point, datum axis, datum plane and datum are determined. The intersection of axes should be selected for the points and the main connection surface for the datum level. 3) Rotate the simulation component with the base point as the center, so that the reference point, the reference axis and the Kitty plane coincide, that is to say, carry out the complex model (Fig. 4). Fig. 4 Component Complex Form Diagram (3-D sweeping measurement and control method of steel structure 4) Check and measure the size deviation of the joints at each joint after complex formwork, mark well and provide repair data for the construction team to repair the component 5) After factory repair, re-measure, model, replicate or repair work until the component is qualified. 4 The simulation pre-assembling technology of steel components can be used to complete the pre-assembling of truss parts in computer after the components are qualified in measurement and control.

    1) In the computer, AUTOCAD is used to build a three-dimensional marking system and make the three-dimensional axis of the structure. 2) Put the completed analog components into the three-dimensional coordinate system. Place all the analog components in Beijing based on the intersection of the corresponding axes. Pre-assembly effect 3) Check the dimensions of the connecting points, such as the connection space, the location of the positioning plate, the hole spacing of the high-strength bolt connecting plate, and then determine the hole position of the high-strength bolt connecting plate, and make the high-strength bolt connecting plate detailed. Figure, provide the drilling of trench control drilling machine. This ensures the connection size of the joints, and also ensures the pass rate of the high-strength bolt connection joints. Fig. 5 component pre-assembly effect diagram (three-dimensional sweeping measurement and control method of steel structure) 4 labels the winter connection size, the connection number of the joints, and prints out the diagram to the installation unit for the installation work to proceed according to the pre-installation effect. So as to ensure the overall quality of steel structure engineering 5 conclusion for steel component processing in factories, it is feasible to use modern measuring means (total station) and computer three-dimensional simulation technology for component detection and pre-assembly compared with traditional entity detection and pre-assembly technology, which has the advantages of saving construction investment and reducing a large number of construction sites, manpower and machines. Machinery input, only a few people can complete the detection of components, greatly improving labor productivity, ensuring the quality of construction, greatly reducing construction costs, achieving low cost, high efficiency and high efficiency.

    In addition, this technology can also be used in the simulation installation of steel structure to improve the quality of installation construction.

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