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    time:2019-10-06 10:34:25

    Taking SC16-1 (Fig. 1) as an example, a complex joint column at the oblique corner of Qingdao Wanbang Center Project. The lower section of the steel column is composed of two box braced brackets of 1200 x 800 x 80. A special-shaped steel column (aircraft 1224 x 621/167 x 80) and Delta H braced brackets (H800x700 x 80 x 80) are joined upward from the horizontal angle of 9626 degrees. The brackets and joint slab members with floor beams in the middle are quite complex, with many spatial angles and members. Installation and connection in six directions, and the thickness of the main steel plate is 80 mm. The main weld seam requires the first level. The welding quantity of components is large, the welding deformation is not easy to control. It is difficult to inspect the dimensions of the joints after processing, and it is difficult to ensure the manufacturing of components. Generally, the pre-assembly method is adopted to control the processing size and ensure the connection of nodes for such complex components. However, due to the space limitation, such huge three-main components can only adopt multi-plane pre-assembly method, and the pre-assembly accuracy can only guarantee the connection of all planes, not completely guarantee the spatial connection, so the processing quality of components is fundamental. Not easy to guarantee.

    Therefore, it is decided to adopt simulation measurement technology to test component quality and to pre-install the component node group as a whole. Fig. 1 SC16-1 Stereogram (3-D scanning measurement and control method of steel structure) 2 Component simulation measurement technology This technology uses total station to carry out 3-D measurement of steel components according to the existing conditions in the yard. According to the geometric characteristics of steel components, several important geometric features of sclera are determined and measured, and then the measured points are put into the counting machine, and the computer is used to measure them. Draw the three-dimensional simulation of the component, that is, the simulation component. 1) Place the component on a stable platform and make two datum points on the component so as to measure the inverted point 2) Make the measurement points on the component. The actual measurement and the location of the points are shown in Figure 2. 2SC16-1 measurement (3-D sweeping measurement and control method of steel structure a. Determine the datum level and datum point of simulated components. In the component, an important end face is chosen as the datum plane, several points are determined on the datum plane, and one is chosen as the datum point. B. Measuring points are made at each end of the component, the end of the beam connecting the bracket and the cylinder, generally at least 3 points per end. If multiple points are used, other points are used as reference points.

    In this way, we can accurately locate each connecting surface because the edges and corners are large. When doing this, we should pay attention not to select the points on the edges and corners, but to select the points on the surface. This makes the simulation component with high precision. In entity measurement, attention should be paid to the control of measurement accuracy so as to reduce system errors by measuring as many points as possible at as few transfer stations. If there are bolt holes, coordinate measurement or steel ruler can be used to measure the relationship with the end face. Make good measurement record. A In AUTOCAD, a three-dimensional coordinate system B is established. The coordinates of each point are recorded and marked according to the measured data. According to the input points, the corresponding simulation plane D is made. the simulation plane is extended and connected to the simulation truss, and the positioning axis, the positioning plane and the positioning datum point are made on the simulation truss. E. When making the simulation component, we must take the positioning datum point and the monitoring plane positioning point as the center of the drawing, so that the simulation component can more truly and accurately reflect the size of the entity component.

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