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    In multi-storey and high-rise steel structure buildings, the installation of steel structure is the key and difficult point of the whole project. Because of the large height of the building, according to the installation needs, steel columns are generally divided into several sections when making, and in-situ installation is divided into layers. The more steel columns are segmented, the more difficult it is to install, especially the more difficult it is to install upward, and the more difficult it is to ensure the verticality, which ultimately affects the overall installation quality. Through the practice of many projects, we concluded and formed the unit gross installation method, which not only improves the installation quality of single steel column, but also significantly improves the installation efficiency, and improves the installation quality of the entire steel structure. Method 2.1 cell is a box composed of four adjacent steel columns, which is used as a minimum construction unit to install and correct 2.2 whole construction sequence. The whole construction sequence is: starting from the center, extending from inside to outside [1]. That is to say, after the completion of the first cell in the center, the construction of the first cell will be extended to the surrounding areas on the basis of this unit, forming a pipeline construction process from reclamation to outward, silk-fitting, calibration and welding. The construction technology in the construction process cell of 2.3 cell is steel column installation, steel column preliminary adjustment, steel beam installation, high-strength mule bolt preliminary twisting, cell integral correction and final twisting. Mule bolt_steel beam welded steel column correction should first adjust elevation, then chirp the displacement, and finally adjust the vertical deviation. The above steps should be repeated until the elevation, displacement and verticality of the steel column all meet the requirements [1]3 construction process and construction points 3.1 When each column is installed in the first cell construction, the first four columns are constructed in the center. The first cell of steel column is composed of steel column. After initial adjustment of steel column installation, steel wire rope is used to fix it, then steel beam is installed, and then the construction of the first cell is completed through adjustment, bolt final twisting, welding and other processes. Because it is very demanding to use this cell as gene, the vertical deviation of four steel columns should be guaranteed. To ensure the follow-up construction quality of 3.2 cell construction points 1) Cell construction must follow the construction sequence formulated in 2.3, any two steps can not be reversed, otherwise it will cause correction difficulties, cumulative error is large, installation quality and accuracy can not guarantee Yin 2) In order to maintain the construction quality, strict implementation of the procedure inspection system should be carried out. After the completion of the working procedure, it must be submitted for inspection. Only after checking and accepting the bench, the next working procedure 3,3 extends the construction of a unit cell. After checking and qualifying, the two construction teams extend the construction of each unit to the surrounding areas on the basis of this unit cell, as shown in Figure 1.

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