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    The quality of construction projects is not only related to the long-term interests of the country, the sustained and stable development of the national economy, but also to the harmony and stability of the people's work, production, living environment and society. Building a good quality project can strengthen the durability of assets, prolong service life, reduce one-time investment, save maintenance and usage, and provide a good environment for people to work, produce and live. On the contrary, a poor quality project will not only cause a huge waste of manpower and material resources, delay the construction period, but also cause huge loss of life and property to the people. The causes of the quality problems of construction projects are manifested in the weak quality consciousness. Construction enterprises only take immediate interests into account, ignoring the long-term consequences. A considerable number of enterprise leaders have incorrect business ideas, lack of professional ethics, regardless of construction progress and economic interests of enterprises, do not pay attention to the consequences of product use, do not firmly establish the idea of serving users, do not pay attention to social benefits and quality assurance system is not perfect, and management mechanism can not keep up with.


    In some enterprises, technical managers have low quality, they change design drawings at will, the construction teams do not follow the operation rules, and the quality supervisors do not strictly check and accept the drawings. Enterprises do not pay attention to the education and training of professional knowledge, and the technical quality of thousands of departments is low. Some construction enterprises and engineering project departments are seriously short of managers who are really skilled in the construction technology of construction projects, as well as operators with professional quality and knowledge. The contracting mode is unreasonable. Some construction enterprises have adopted layers of subcontracting after contracting projects. As a result, construction funds are deducted layers by layers. There are relatively few funds that can really be used in the project, resulting in low quality of the project, low cost of the project, and difficult to improve the quality of the project. With the continuous development of the construction market, whoever has low cost in the market will win the bid. Because of the low cost of the project, the successful construction enterprises have to adopt various means to deal with the delivery of work, which has buried hidden dangers to the quality of the project. Because of the lax entry control, unqualified products and substitute products can be seen everywhere in the market.


    For economic benefit, construction enterprises are willing to make good use of it. This is also the main reason for the poor quality of construction projects. Measures to strengthen the quality management of construction projects. Construction quality organization and guarantee system is the management system of on-site construction management organizations. That is to say, construction enterprises achieve the management objectives of project construction quality. Based on the organizational framework of on-site construction management, through the determination and decomposition of quality management objectives, the necessary personnel and technical strength should be determined, which is also a prerequisite to ensure the quality of construction and the establishment of quality management system. Construction quality management measures, that is, the establishment and operation of relevant management systems. Construction quality management system is a management system with the ability of quality control and quality assurance. The construction managers and related construction teams of the project department must obey the unified leadership and division of labor arrangement of the project leaders, clarify the post responsibilities, conscientiously do their own work, and strictly control the quality. Project managers should go deep into the construction site to ensure that the responsibilities are in place, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of construction managers and related construction managers.

    In order to establish the system of technical submission, it is necessary to make detailed written submissions to the key parts and parts prone to quality accidents, and to formulate the system of children's acceptance for self-inspection, mutual inspection, professional inspection and connection inspection, so as to ensure the overall improvement of the quality of the project and the quality of the construction enterprises themselves. Improving the leadership quality of construction enterprises is the key to improving the quality of construction projects. The quality of enterprise leadership plays a vital role in the development of enterprises. The key to improve the quality of construction team is the improvement of leadership quality. A good leadership team can bring out a good construction team. Leadership quality includes not only the quality of leadership itself, but also the collective quality of the members of the leading group.

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